The Fore

Last year we collaborated with Kim Jones to create a brand identity for her designer gallery that would showcase collaborations with talented designers from Southeast Asia. True to its name, The Fore puts the spotlight on each collaborator, highlighting their craft and their different stories
For our studio, the highlight of this project was the custom font we created for the logotype. Ms Jones Bold was inspired by Fat Face fonts like Bodoni, Normandia, and Noe Display. It uses a pronounced contrast between thick and thin lines, it also features strong and graceful serif curves. These attributes were carefully selected to establish elegance and boldness.
Working closely with Kim and her team, and our packaging producer VJ7, we made sure that every item that carried The Fore’s brandname was carefully and intentionally designed. A personal favourite of ours were the blind embossed business cards that used water resistant paper, that felt like granite to the touch.

Photography : Lunar

Print and Packaging Production : VJ7 Printing