Persephone : A Seasonal Kitchen

Early in 2017, our friend Jessie approached us to brand her new restaurant concept. Named after the goddess of spring and queen of the Underworld, Persephone was going to have an ever-evolving menu based on which of our local produce was currently in season.


The brand signature depicts Persephone as a young, but stately woman, with a Pomegranate flower in her hair.
The Pomegranate also makes a prominent appearance in the brand's key visual.


Persephone's myth says that it was the consumption of one Pomegranate seed that sealed her fate as the Queen of the Underworld.
The Narcissus and the Lily of the Valley are notably mentioned in the myth as the flowers Persephone was gathering just before her abduction.
All three flowers come together first in a bouquet to as a nod to Persephone's act of love for the gifts of the Earth.


They are also arranged in a pattern to illustrate a field of flowers, where her days are usually spent while aboveground.
We produced but a handful of thoughtfully designed collaterals for Persephone. First, we designed a screen-printed clipboard that would hold an easily editable menu layout.
The business cards feature the floral pattern with the brand's logotyope in delicate gold foil.
Detailing the left wall of the restaurant is a loose floral mural painted by Together's own Lari Gazmen assisted by Nelz Yumul and Bryan Antonio.
Persephone's interiors were by Tayo Architecture and Design.


Persephone closed it's doors in November of last year. The seasons never last, but Spring always comes around.

Interiors : Tayo Architecture and Design

Mural Assistants : Nelz Yumul and Bryan Antonio

Print Production : VJ7 Printing (business cards), and Hontra Arts Inc. (screen printed menu)

Photography :