Mazu Seafood Restaurant

The Goddess of the Sea

Mazu is a Chinese restaurant specializing in seafood. The name refers to Mazu (媽祖) , a Chinese sea goddess who is said to roam the seas protecting sailors, seafarers and fishermen from harm.
Mazu is also regarded to with many other titles, such as "Princess of Heaven," "Patron of Seafarers," and "Holy Heavenly Mother."
The restaurant offers it delicious seafood dishes as a tribute to the Sea Goddess.

The Lantern

Stories tell us of how Mazu would hold up a lantern and act as a beacon to guide sailors and fishermen to shore. Taking these stories into consideration, the lantern is a fitting icon to symbolize the return of fishermen to shore; a symbol of bountiful seafood.
Mazu Seafood Restaurant

Photography : Sherwin Nagaño

Food & Prop Styling : Lady