Atlas Studios

The Altas Studios team needed to grow out of their first brand, Shutterpanda. Each of their core photography businesses from the former name is now a stand alone brand. Atlas Studios serves as their Destination Weddings Photography company.

Atlas Mark

Atlas Studios' logo mark is an armillary sphere. This ancient device puts you where you are under the perspective of the whole universe. Atlas Studios do the same, they put the subject at the center of things.

The Color Journey

The photographers of Atlas has always been fascinated with grandeur landscapes and celestial skies. Their monochromic color palette, is accented by vintage colors of old maps, globes, and atlases.

Scientific Type

Futura was created to look clean, legible, and stylish without any overt style or ornamentation. This gives a good contrast to the details of the logo mark. It is only fitting to use this typeface as it was used in the Lunar Plaque. To pair with Futura is Crimson Text. The formality of this serif font balances the overall typography. Also, this kind of type was used in old scientific documents.